Heavy Duty Relæ 12V 200A | Wehrle 13250200

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Wehrle Relæ 12V HD 200A.

Heavy Duty Relæ.

Wehrle vare nr. 13250200.

Model/varenr.: 13250200

Forventet leveringstid: 1-3 hverdage

Wehrle relæ 12V HD 200A


Heavy Duty Relay

12 Volt

200 Ampere

Wehrle vare nr. 13250200

The relay is tested to withstand a continuous load of 120A for several hours. Wehrles internal product validation procedure requires a 6h test.

A 200A load can be switched under intermittent ON / OFF cycles , starting from 10” ON / 10” OFF, lamp load. 


Herth + Buss: 75613100

Nagares: RP/180-12